Why Do Your Doctors Recommend Frontline Plus?

Pet owners have options for flea and tick control, but sometimes it is hard to chose! Flea and tick control products don't just guard your pet from creepy crawlies, more importantly, they protect your pet from the diseases fleas and ticks carry.

Fleas can transmit tapeworms, an intestinal parasite that can be difficult to detect on usual stool exams. Unchecked, tapeworms can grow to 8 inches long and cause weight loss or lethargy.

Ticks can transmit even more serious diseases. Lyme disease is a bacterial disease that causes lameness, but can cause damage to the kidneys or (rarely) the heart or nervous system. Anaplasma is a blood parasite found world-wide, with a variety of symptoms including fever, lameness, neck pain, seizures, vomitting, diarrhea, coughing, and labored breathing. Ehrlichia is a dangerous disease whose symptoms include weight loss, bleeding, anemia, coughing, opthlamic and neurological disease. Ehrlichia can cause death.

When it comes to protecting your pet, why wouldn't you choose the best flea and tick prevention product available?

Flea and tick control products use a variety of pesticides and neurotoxins to kill ticks and fleas in various stages in their life cycles. These chemicals require care when handling! Tick and flea collar leave these chemicals exposed - to you and your pets. Most instruct us to wash our hands after touching, yet we leave them around our pet's necks! Topical spot-on treatments are available in a variety of brands and with an assortment of active ingredients. Some of these chemicals are harsh, and most spot-on treatments leave the chemicals poorly distributed. Flea and tick products are especially dangerous for cats. The permethrin family of neurotoxins is a "natural" pesticide derived from plants. Permethrins are used in inexpensive flea and tick control products and particularly problematic for cats. A dog in a home with a cat should not wear a permethrin-based flea and tick control product.

Frontline is different. Yes, it must contain a chemical to kill fleas and ticks. But the active ingredient, fipronil, is much safer than alternatives. Humans do not have a receptor for this chemical, so it cannot harm humans. It is gentle on cats - a cat could consume an entire dose of Frontline Plus and be unaffected. Frontline Plus is the most trusted flea and tick control product in homes with cats.

Frontline Plus works differently than generic flea and tick products - even products with the same active ingredient. Frontline Plus uses a patented distribution system to keep your entire pet's body - not just the area around the application site - protected. Frontline Plus collects in the gland at the base of each hair follicle. From within each hair follicle Frontine Plus covers each hair on your pet's body; the resevoir in the base of the hair follicle continues to protect at 90% or better efficacy for one month, even after your pet is bathed!

Frontline Plus is available for purchase at other stores - so why would you buy it at our veterinary clinic?

Merial, the maker of Frontline Plus, offers an exceptional guarantee to protect your family from fleas when Frontline Plus is purchased from your veterinarian and used on all dogs and cats in the household for 3 consecutive months. Ask us for details at your next visit!

Posted on July 15, 2011 >> Article Archive